How setting goals can change your life

I always wanted to live abroad for longer than 5 months. 🌎 And I knew, I should do it in a time in my life when I was free like the wind.🌬️

No steady job, no furniture, no flat, no boyfriend - the time was just perfect after my graduation. 🤸

So I decided to start an adventure: I moved from pretty Switzerland to the lovely Netherlands. 🇳🇱

But beforehand I set up a goal for me, I told myself: "Tanja, no matter how hard it will be, you gonna stay in the Netherlands for 2 years. No matter what!"💁

I signed an agreement with myself, not knowing what would expect me in my new home.🗒️

And omg... The start was a disaster, I hated my room, my flatmates were weird, I had mice in my room, I had no friends, my job sucked and I was so close of giving up after just 4 months. ✖️🤚

But then my inner voice reminded me: "Tanja, don't forget on what we agreed! Two years!" 2️⃣

And then I knew again, yes! two years! So, I pulled myself together and dealt with all the situations and people who got thrown into my way. 🗿

In February 2019, it's been 2 years since I moved to the Netherlands. And damn... I changed. 👩

I gained so much more self-confidence.
I speak up for myself.
I found my way into yoga and personal development. 🧘
And I am living my life on MY terms and noone elses agenda. 📅

And all of these just happend because I had a goal which reminded me that I shouldn't give up, even though things got hard and uncomfortable for me. And I am so grateful that I didn't just walked away from this situation but that I dealt with it. 💪

So my tip for today: ALWAYS SET GOALS! Because they will remind you where you want to go! 🎯

Tell me, what is your no. 1 goal at the moment? Can be in business or in life! Would love to hear it! 🗯️