brand clarity session

"Tanja, I have so many ideas how I can help people but at the same time I really love to travel and to do yoga and I just don't know how I can combine all of this in one business... but I really want to do them all! What shall I do?"


If this sounds like you - the brand clarity session is perfect for you! Together we find out what kind of business you want to have, how we can include your passions into your work and how you want to be perceived from others.

what you can expect:

  • questionnaire (for you to fill out before the call)
  • 1:1 coaching call of 1.5 h
  • advise of a professional communication consultant and entrepreneur
  • creating a profile of your brand personality & brand identity
  • you get clear about your niche & your target audience
  • lots of positivity and support! :)
  • Q & A

after the session you...

  • have more clarity about what you do
  • know who could be your future clients
  • have insights about what you really want to work on
  • are able to work on your website without any major blocks



face-to-face: € 250.- (excl. btw) per session of 1.5 h

online: € 195.- (excl. btw) per session of 1.5 h 

my happy coachees:

"Tanja is very professional and knowledgable. She puts a compass in between my chaotic thoughts and ideas and helped me to find the right direction forward." - Emese Németh, Business Coach

"Tanja guided me through the brand clarity session with professionalism and knowledge. She prepared me for our work together with great questions in advance and made sure that I kept the focus all the way through our process. During our work together she helped me to put in words a list of values about my work and myself. I got a very valuable insight to terminology and tools that I can further use to work out my way forward. She was extremely helpful, spot on with her feedback, very attentive and open. I am extremely grateful for her support."


- Emese Németh, Business Coach